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Is Your Content Available in the Format Readers Want?

Are you missing sales by not having your books available in e-book format? As you know, e-books have revolutionized the publishing industry and created new opportunities that have not existed until now for publishers and authors.

How well are you positioned to deliver your content in the digital world?

Convert your printed books into e-books

Why limit your printed content to an analog world? Readers today want their books delivered within a minute — on a device and app of their choosing. For some, having to wait to have their book delivered by a truck or in a mailbox means not getting the book — period.

Publisher’s Prepress can take your “print-only” titles and convert them into ready-to-sell, digital inventory for an increasingly impulsive and immediately gratified audience.

Convert your existing files into e-books

If you are just getting into e-book publishing, Publisher’s Prepress can take your existing files and convert them into ePub, PRC and Mobi® formats. Once in these industry standard formats, your titles will be ready to sell on Kindles®, iPads®, Nooks® and apps on any smartphone or tablet.

If you are already publishing e-books and looking for a reliable, high quality converting/formatting service, Publisher’s Prepress can help you get more e-books into the pipeline faster and generate more opportunities for you earlier in the sales cycle.

Email us or call (419) 302-8609 for a quote for your next e-book project.