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Don’t have files for reprints? We can help…

When a printed copy of a book is your only source for reproducing it, Publisher’s Prepress can help. It’s meticulous attention to detail and high quality standards make it the perfect choice for converting your legacy content into active, revenue-generating assets.

Book Interiors

Publisher’s Prepress scans every book at 600 dpi for optimal quality. Each page is saved as an individual image and then goes through a series of filters which deskew and despeckle the original scan. From there the images (or pages) are put into a master document for alignment and final clean-up. Finally, a print-ready Acrobat® PDF file (also ideally suited for OCR) is created and ready for printing on digital and/or offset presses. The phrase “out-of-print” will never be associated with your book again.

Book Cover Restoration and Reconstruction

Publisher’s Prepress can scan your cover or dust jacket and restore it to it’s original appearance. Additionally, dust jackets or case-laminate covers can be converted to perfect bound covers. Precise color matching and removal of imperfections are part of the restoration process.

After restorationBefore restorationAfter restorationBefore restoration

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