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Digitizing Content for Printers and Publishers

Having extensive experience in both the book publishing and book printing industries, Publisher’s Prepress can help you maximize your revenues by turning your books into digital assets. It’s meticulous attention to detail and high standards of quality make Publisher’s Prepress the perfect choice for preparing your titles for print-on-demand and e-book publishing.

Converting and Formatting E-books
Book scanningPublisher’s Prepress converts source files (InDesign®, Word®, RTF and PDF) and formats them for e-readers and digital devices such as Amazon Kindles®, Apple iPads®, Barnes & Noble Nooks® and other reading devices.

Digitizing Book Interiors
Book scanningPublisher’s Prepress scans books for printing on offset and digital presses, electronic archival, and can create editable, searchable text from any book.

Digitizing Book Covers
Book scanningPublisher’s Prepress scans book covers and restores them to their original appearance, making them usable for digital or offset printing.


Save Time and Money
Publisher’s Prepress will save you time and money by taking your printed book or electronic files and returning to you accurate files that will glide through the printing process and eliminate file manipulation and resubmission fees. E-book files will successfully submit to the e-book retailers the first time, allowing you to get titles to market faster.